I was born in Chicago, IL on the south side in Hyde Park. I was raised by my mom and my grandmother. Which means that I was not allowed to use the dishwasher to build "character", and I love Werther's Originals candies. We had a concrete playground in the backyard (not meant for kids), and a open field in the front (also not meant for kids). Which meant that I came home with bruises and garden snakes every day.

I’ve always admired the film and television industry, but I established my love of it when I dove head first into producing a season of variety television for a local network at the age of 18. I believe in representation on and behind the screen. I work in this industry because this medium has the ability to tell a story unlike any other and it is our responsibility to do so with good intentions.

I am proudly the first in my family to graduate college and work to pave a way for those who come after me to do the same and better. My goal is to take an idea, cultivate it with my creative team and put it on screen!