I was born in Chicago, IL on the south side in Hyde Park. I was raised by my grandmother and my mom. Which means that I love Werther's Originals candies and was not allowed to use the dishwasher to build "character". We had a concrete playground in the backyard (not meant for kids), and a open field in the front (also not meant for kids). Which meant that I came home with bruises and garden snakes every day.

I have produced a season of tv for a local television station. I've repaired homes from hurricane damage. I have been the first in my family to graduate college and I even squeezed in time to be insulted by Charles Barkley. 

I work in this industry because I saw that a video can teach, inspire and motivate someone from hundred of miles away and I wanted to be part of that. I believe in representation on and behind the screen and that hard work and positive minds are powerful tools. 

My goal is to take an idea, cultivate it with my creative team and put it on screen.